3 Mobile Apps for Your Trip to Vegas

People often say that our obsession with mobile phones and the internet has kept us from living our lives and experiencing all the beauty around us, and this couldn’t be more true than it is in traveling. And when it comes to places like Sin City, where the main draw of the city is the experience rather than the sights and sounds, paying too much attention to your phone will surely leave you with a half-baked experience.

But in the same places, mobile phones might also help you get the most out of a trip. Places like Vegas are also rapidly changing, and the growth of mobile internet, which the owners of Pocket Fruity say is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape today, has inspired us to turn to our phones for more information regarding local events and things that can only be experienced in Vegas. There is a good reason to turn to your phone while traveling, and it’s to consult an app. If you’re headed to Vegas, you may want to try one of the following:

1. VegasMate
If you’re looking for information on where to go and what to do in Vegas, the VegasMate app is a great choice. But if you want something a bit more in-depth and want to know more about locations, VegasMate is possibly the best choice. It not only has great descriptions for locations in Vegas, but it also has news articles from local newspapers and blogs so you can see what Vegas locals are saying about their city.

2. Las Vegas City Guide
There’s probably no travel website quite as popular and prolific as Trip Advisor, and the compilation of user reviews, updated city maps, and detailed descriptions of places are a great help to anyone visiting Las Vegas. The guide also works offline, which is a great feature considering that you might not have a good, working connection the whole time you’re walking the streets of Vegas.

3. Live Airport Las Vegas McCarran
And of course, the last thing you need to do to make sure your trip to Vegas is seamless from start to finish is to stay on top of your flight plan. The Live airport Las Vegas McCarran app lets you stay up-to-date on changes of your flight schedule. If for some reason you change boarding gates or your flight has been delayed, you’ll get convenient push notifications on your phone! You’ll never be late for a flight again.

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