Kids Love a Bite of the Big Apple: Family Fun in New York

It’s a major business hub of the world and one of the most exciting cities. Adults flock to the Big Apple for an array of reasons but parents bring the kids along for the one-of-a-kind experiences. Go on pizza stores, visit the Empire State Building, and find a lot more to do with the kiddies […]

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Traveling with Children: Top City Tripping Apps for Android

Travel Tips

Children and big cities are not always a good mix and it can be a bit scary trying to keep a watchful eye on them while finding your way around such a large urban area. This where some carefully chosen apps can come to the rescue and help you enjoy a child-friendly adventure that keeps […]

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Itinerary For A Fabulous Florentine Weekend


Florence is a city with a long and glorious history. Rising to prominence during the Middle Ages as the cultural, commercial, and intellectual hub of the Western world, it has seen some of the greatest minds like Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci  pass through its streets. Today, Florence is a popular travel destinations with […]

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5 Of the Best Vehicles for A Road Trip

Road Trips are a type of vacation that many Americans look forward to a few times a year. And although the length of time that they plan to spend on the road and the actual destination may vary, there are some truisms that exist regarding the best type of equipment to take, and how to […]

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Taking a different route when driving the USA

US roadtrip infographic

Road Tripping around the USA definitely features on a number of people’s travel bucket lists, nothing better than the freedom of the open road and a great way to see what the US has to offer. With hundreds of different routes to choose from where you can take in anything from Breath-taking scenery from mountains […]

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7 Golfing Vacations You Need to Take

While you might live next to a nice golf course, there’s something to be said about teeing off on a course that you’ve never played in a place you’ve never been. Golfing vacations can be one of the most relaxing and majestic experiences when it comes to travel, as long as you have an affinity […]

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3 Mobile Apps for Your Trip to Vegas

People often say that our obsession with mobile phones and the internet has kept us from living our lives and experiencing all the beauty around us, and this couldn’t be more true than it is in traveling. And when it comes to places like Sin City, where the main draw of the city is the […]

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10 places to visit when doing the famous Route 66

Route 66 is probably the most famous road in the world, covering 2451 miles of America, starting from Illinois and ending in California on the Pacific coast. For many people route 66 offers a once in a lift time experience allowing you to visit some the best places in America like Chicago, the Grand Canyon, […]

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