A Weekend in Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island, USA by Flickr CC Martin de Lusenet

Rhode Island is one of the oldest US states and Providence, its capital, is one of the first well-established cities in the great US of A. Due to this fact, Providence – the Renaissance City – has created the perfect mix of rich historical attractions and modern top-notch appeal. Join the festival WaterFire, the already […]

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Southern Charm in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia by Flickr CC Jeff Turner

The former colonial capital of the Province of Georgia, Savannah is now a major Atlantic seaport and a powerful industrial center. While visiting Georgia’s oldest city, the list of tourist attractions and fun things to do is pretty much endless. Nonetheless, if you’re planning a trip to the almost tropical Savannah, here are a few […]

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Embracing Winter in Vermont

Vermont by Flickr CC Jim Kelly

Vermont is a beautiful state in the United States. There are many people who want to visit this state during winter season. This state offers some great places for all tourists coming to Vermont in winter. Here are top 5 places to visit in Vermont in winter. Woodford State Park This state park is located […]

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Fun in Bozeman, Montana

Western Bozeman by Flickr CC Mike Cole

Getting ready for your winter vacation? Visit Bozeman this time. It’s a small city in Montana. U.S. But don’t go by its geographical measurement. This city of Montana has been able to show a stable economic growth for several years. Here you must be ready for outdoor activities as the city has many fun things […]

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Exploring Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe ~ Cathedral by Flickr CC VasenkaPhotography

Santa Fe is certainly one of the most popular destinations in Southwest. It is a beautiful city which really embraces its environment, and it is filled with great cultural and tourist destinations. Santa Fe is one of USA’s culinary and great art capitals, and it is a perfect destination for someone who enjoy natural beauty, […]

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A guide to Bilbao


Today’s post ventures away from our usual North American destinations and takes us all the way to Bilbao, Spain… Bilbao is the capital city of Spain’s Basque Country region and is famous for its rich history and magnificent architecture. Here are some of the most exciting things to see and do while visiting Bilbao. Flickr […]

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Off the Beaten Path in Molokai

Molokai Coastline by Flickr CC James Brennan

The island of Molokai—a friendly US destination, invites all travelers with the bounties of the highest sea cliffs on the planet, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Hawaiian heiau (temple), and long stretches of sparkling sandy beaches. The island may not boast of modern urbanism but certainly has a lot of activities, sightseeing locations and fun filled […]

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A Visit to Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona by Flickr CC Humberto Moreno

Phoenix, the US city and capital of Arizona, is a hot, hot, hot spot. And not only due to its extremely high summer temperatures. Looking beyond the restaurants chains, various malls and other overly advertised places that once seemed to suffocate the city, The Valley of the Sun also offers a hot cultural scene. The […]

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