Taking a different route when driving the USA

Road Tripping around the USA definitely features on a number of people’s travel bucket lists, nothing better than the freedom of the open road and a great way to see what the US has to offer. With hundreds of different routes to choose from where you can take in anything from Breath-taking scenery from mountains and glaciers to dry deserts and lush landscapes to rugged coastline. Many of these roads formed from early routes of American Pioneers and immigrant settlers to the US in search of good fortunes.

Most people have heard of the famous Route 66 which travels from Chicago to Los Angeles. Most people recognize this route and one that most want to take on, however there are many other fantastic routes to take across the USA, some a little more well-known than others but all as equally thrilling. However, there are many other equally as thrilling but significantly lesser known routes such as the Blues Highway Route 61 or the Border to Border Route 93 which as the name suggests takes you from Canada to Mexico.

So we would encourage you, when you next plan any travel adventures to consider some of the lesser known routes. Thankfully, you don’t need to do hours of research as Send My Bag have pulled all the routes together in this handy infographic:

US roadtrip infographic

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